Our Story

Simply Toppers™ was initially set up as a hobby making and selling handmade edible cupcake toppers and cake decoration, selling mainly on social media and various commercial selling sites before establishing Simply Toppers™ into a full-time family business.

We started trading in 2013 and are registered with the local authority as a manufacturer under current Food Hygiene Standards legislation, continuously maintaining their highest rating in Scotland that is a Pass, {Rating} in England it relates to 5 Stars. Ratings inspections are carried out by the local authority as and when required. 

In 2015 we changed our fondant to make it suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those requiring dairy free & gluten free cupcake toppers and cake decorations {Ingredients} and we now have around 400 lines with variations that are suitable for all those special occasions {Products}.

Our team love getting together to dream up new works of art to delight you all. Some of the most recent pretty additions can be found under ‘Just In.  So please come back regularly to see our new designs and themes.

With the growing market in plant-based foods and other alternatives we are sure that our vegan, dairy free & gluten free range of cupcake toppers and cake decorations will continue to be a great addition to what is currently available on the market.

Simply Toppers™ is a brand name and all cupcake toppers and cake decorations sold by us are all covered by the brand. We do not buy in and resell any other products, nor do we have re-sellers selling any of our cupcake toppers and cake decorations. We do, however, make toppers for bakeries around the UK so don’t be surprised if you see some of our work displayed.

We lovingly make all our exquisite cupcake toppers by hand, on our premises here in the pretty location of New Cumnock, Scotland. We DO NOT buy in for resale any other companies’ products. Every ingredient {ingredients} and packaging utilised by us originates from within the UK. Simply Toppers ™ business ethos firmly support the UK industry and its principles.   In addition, our commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through our utilisation of eco-friendly boxes that can even be re-used by you.  

Our skilled artisans work with premium Sugar Paste- Some may refer to it as fondant, - edible paint and edible glitter resulting in professionally executed toppers that enhance the overall aesthetic of your delicious bakes at home. As the 100’s of happy customer product reviews shows. 

By choosing from our vast range of {Products}, it saves you time and money in not having to buy all the necessary tools, equipment, and Sugar Paste to make these creations yourself at home.   This means you have more time to create delicious, beautiful cupcakes and cakes for our decorations to adorn.  

Here is a link to a blog that showcases some of simply toppers cupcake toppers and which you may find helpful:{Blog link}